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Complete Hopper and Boxfeed Units

Arizona Powder Supply offers a number of complete Hopper and Boxfeed models to choose from.

•The Parker Ionics GX7500S complete hopper unit includes a manual gun, control module, stand, and a 50lb hopper.

•The Parker Ionics GX7500B complete boxfeed unit includes a manual gun, control module, and the vibratory stand.
Powder Injector and all cables and hoses are included with both units.

We also offer a mini hopper unit and a lab/cup gun unit for smaller jobs or those with lots of colors in small amounts.

Parker Ionics GX7500S Complete 50lb Hopper Unit

Parker Ionics GX7500B Complete Vibratory Boxfeed Unit

Parker Ionics GX7500L Mini Hopper Unit

KCI Lab Gun Unit

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about any of these units.

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