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Wagner PEM-X1 Parts


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Wagner PEM X1 Nozzles, Deflectors & Electrodes

Arizona Powder
PEM-X1 Nozzles, Deflectors & Electrodes

1 AW2322529 Electrode Holder F ET (OEM) 74.50
2 AW2320488 Replacement Protective Wedge 2.71
3 AW2321976 X1 Flat Spray Nozzle, Complete
(machined, not molded  – manufactured in the USA)
4 AW2320464 Union Nut / Gun Cap 14.00
5 AW2322490 Electrode Holder R ET, w/sleeve-no deflectors (OEM) 79.50
6 AW2320503 Round Jet Sleeve (not sold  separately)
7 AW2321981 X1 Deflector Cone D18 7.00
8 AW2321980 X1 Deflector Cone D25 7.15
9 AW2321171 X1 Deflector Cone D34 7.24
10 AW2322493 Electrode Holder R ET, w/deflectors & sleeve 94.00
11 AW2322761 Hose Connector (nipple) 17.57
12 AW9971364 O-ring (for hose connector) 0.45
(Manufactured for or by Arizona Powder Supply)


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