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Arizona Powder – Parker Ionics Parts

Parker Ionics “Pulse Power” corona charging method supplies excellent transfer efficiencies, superior powder penetration and a quality finish with no gun adjustment needed. Pulse Power improves overall gun performance and transfer Efficiencies by pulsing the charge to the external electrode Several times a second. The continuous pulsing prevents a build-up of free ions on the electrode, resulting in a smoother transfer of powder. The rapid on-off-on-off of the charge allows the powder to be carried by momentum into recessed or Faraday Cage areas. Also, reducing free  ions minimizes back-ionization for an even smoother, higher quality finish.

GX7500S Manual Hopper Unit

GX7500B Manual Box-feed Unit

GX7500L Mini Hopper Unit

GX7500CS Cup Stand Unit

GX132 Manual Gun

GX8000/8500ab Injector

Quality replacement Powder Coating parts for less

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