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KCI K1 Complete 50lb Hopper Unit

KCI K1 50lb Hopper Unit
KCI™ K1 50lb Complete Hopper Unit



  • Lightweight spray gun (16.2 oz), designed ergonomically to prevent fatigue
  • Uses combined Corona & Pulse Coating
  • Antistatic powder hose which lessens the risk of fire by removing spark or electrical arc
  • One Touch button technology installed in the gun enables you to clean the inside of the gun and powder hose easily and quickly
  • Ultra efficient powder injector design employing the most effective angle to consistently deliver powder, resulting in optimized air consumption and less powder waste. Utilizes coded quick release connections
  • Compact Trolley and Controller Design
  • 40 liter / 50lb hopper is easy to clean and convenient handles for easy of mobility (stainless steel hopper)
  • Pre-Programmed control options for ease of coating a variety of parts
    • Complex Mode: Adjusts the voltage while holding current for coating complicated shapes and corners
    • Recoat Mode: Adjusts the voltage and current automatically for recoating of parts
    • K-Pulse Mode: Rapidly charges and recharges the external electrode multiple times/second which prevents build-up of free ions on the electrode for smoother transfer of powder. and higher quality of coating in corners and Faraday Cage areas.
    • Flat Mode: Maximizes voltage for superior transfer efficiency when coating flat surfaces

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