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Powder Coating Hoppers

At Arizona Powder Supply, we offer powder coating hoppers in different sizes for different coating needs. We carry a rolled steel 50lb hopper which includes your choice of adapter and suction tube. These hoppers are sturdy and easy to clean. We also carry a smaller 5lb hopper which is great for quick color changes or smaller jobs. Our Lab sized application cup or 2L fluidized hoppers are great for really small jobs or lab type situations. Electric or pneumatic sieve systems are also available.

Fluidizing materials come in many sizes and thicknesses. We also carry the gasketing which can be purchased by the foot for large fluidizing plates or pre-installed.

Browse our hopper options for your powder containment needs, or feel free to contact us for special requests.

Powder Coated Steel 50lb Hopper – AZP

Stainless Steel 50lb Hopper – KCI

Stainless Steel 5lb Fluidized Hopper

2L Fluidized Hopper

Application Cup  – Pneumatic Connectors

Sieves – Pneumatic / Electronic

Quality replacement Powder Coating parts for less

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